1970’s - Los Amadores

The 2 Amador’s working in their first family restaurant in Asturias, with Mum Miluca in the kitchen in the late 70’s.

1980’s - Lanzarote

Where Amador and Alison first meet, fell in love and went on to open a  pool bar in Puerto del Carmen. 

1990’s - The Kids

Three little new members of the family arrived, Coralia, Amador Jnr and Luis. Amador went on to manage some of the most popular restaurants and hotels in Lanzarote

2013 - Ole Ole first opened

After moving back to the UK in the early 2000's and Amador worked for many years as a manager in an Italian restaurant. But we knew we wanted to open something of our own and eventually we found a tiny little restaurant to let, and with the passion for tapas and good service we opened Ole Ole tapas, opened in the Bailgate Lincoln, with only 3 small rooms and demand we couldn't keep up with.

2018 - New Location

Our dreams were to cater to more people and groups, in a bigger brighter venue which we found at the lawn, with a lot of hard work and determination we have made it what Ole Ole is today.

2022 - Staff trip

After years of hard work by our dedicated members of staff, we decided it was time for a treat! and get them to experience the true Spain by taking them to a weekend trip to Madrid!

2022 - New Addition

A little bundle of joy was welcomed to the Ole Ole family in February 2022, Shes a regular in the restaurant now demanding to make potions with all the herbs and spices and her favourite dish of the moment is Olives.